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Love-Hate relationships with airlines?

Discussion in 'Airline & Airport Forum' started by JetzX, Dec 19, 2013.

  1. JetzX

    JetzX New Member

    Hello fellow aviators,

    Do any of you guys have a love-hate relationship with any airline? If so, why?

    I'm just curious. Personally, I prefer Middle Eastern airlines in general because of their awesome food. FOOD IS LIFE!
  2. heavensdevil

    heavensdevil Member

    I dislike the national airline in my country which I won't name here but I also have no choice since I have to use it. I don't like their food because they taste horrible and their planes are not comfortable to be in.
  3. pandandesign

    pandandesign Member

    I usually am fine with any U.S. airlines except the international ones. Hainan Airline, which is the Chinese airline, which I don't really like because the seats are too small and narrowed. I would not pick this airline next time when I travel back to my home country.
  4. diprod

    diprod Member

    I do like American Airlines with their wifi. I also like the fact that they are timely. But I don't like their price!
  5. dansmith

    dansmith New Member

    I know my love-hate relationship is with U.S. airways because I really enjoy their overall service and all of that, but they're food really isn't very good, the headphones usually don't work so I can't watch the movies, but the flight usually is very nice and pleasant. I enjoy the fact that the attendants seem to care about their quality of service and the prices really aren't that bad with U.S.. So yes, that's my love-hate relationship, but more love than hate really.
  6. Berkut

    Berkut New Member

    The only thing I truly hate about airlines is the period -before- I board the plane, eg; security checks, the dash to get to my proper terminal without missing a flight if I'm running late but yeah, I just love planes so much nothing else really bothers me. The worst airline service I think I flew was Aero-Peru back in 98 or 99 and that was because I literally felt like the plane was going to come apart at one point when we flew over the amazon. Normally people would list this as bad but it just made the experience more memorable for me.
  7. James_Jones

    James_Jones New Member

    I like American Airlines and KLM

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