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Marine Corps Air Station Miramar Air Show, San Diego (4/5 October 2013)

Discussion in 'Events' started by zapper, Sep 19, 2013.

  1. zapper

    zapper New Member

    MCAS Miramar Air Show
    PO Box 452008
    San Diego, CA 92145-2008
    United States of America
    Phone: 858-577-4258
    Fax: 858-577-4122MCAS Miramar Air Show
    MCAS Miramar Air Show
    2013-10-04 - 2013-10-05 (San Diego, CA - US)
    For more information, contact Ed Downum at 858-577-4258
    - The Patriots Jet Team
    - Rob Reider, Air Show Announcer
    - Sean D. Tucker - Aviation Specialties
    - Wild Thing Airshows
    - Chuck Aaron - Red Bull Helicopter
    - Matt Jolley, Announcer
    - Dan Buchanan Airshows
    - John Collver Warbird Airshows
    - SHOCKWAVE & Flash Fire Jet Trucks
    - Beechcraft Texan II Demo

    Airport: Marine Corps Air Station Miramar(NKX)
    Field Elevation: 478
    Runway Length: 12000 x 200
    Runway Orientation: 24R/6L
    Fixed Base Operator: US Marine Corps
    FBO Contact: Mr. Tony Guinn 858-577-4419
    Hangar space available: Yes
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  2. nailah783

    nailah783 Member

    I love watching air shows. I find them extremely invigorating. I wish I would have seen this before. I would have loved to have gone.

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